About Moravian Business College Olomouc

Moravian Business College Olomouc or MVSO is a private, dynamic institution which was founded in 2005. As a public benefit organization, it prepares students for their business, managerial and professional careers with an emphasis on international cooperation and professional orientation developed by an interconnection of theory and work experience.

MVSO is focused on the areas of Business, Economics, Management, Finance, ICT and Multimedia. It provides bachelor's and master's degree study programmes (accredited in the Czech Republic) not only for students from the Czech Republic, but also from EU member states as well as non-European students.

Since 2013, MVSO has been located in a modern environment of the BEA Campus Olomouc; in cooperation with other campus partners, MVSO participates in the business development and innovations of the region. BEA Campus connects the business world and the academic world in order to achieve acceleration of conducting business and fosters applied research which is central to MVSO.

The main mission of MVSO is to provide education on an excellent level which prepares students for labour market successfully. Individual approach to students, international cooperation both in study and research, as well as innovative learning methods incorporating new media and technologies are central to MVSO's commitment to invest in the Olomouc Region in the time of economic transformation which focuses on digitalization, sustainability and innovation.

Persons involved in BESPOKE project on behalf MVSO:

  • Doc. Ing. Adam Pawliczek, Ph.D. – project manager, methodology specialist
  • Bc. Daniel Němec – administrator, contact person
  • Ing. Richard Šmilňák, MBA – methodology specialist, sustainable business trainer
  • Doc. Ing. Michal Krajňák, Ph.D., LL.M., MBA – finances trainer
  • Ing. Omar Ameir, Ph.D. – business negotiations trainer
  • Ing. Jaroslav Škrabal – logistics trainer
  • Doc. Ing. Jarmila Duháček Šebestová, Ph.D. – entrepreneurship trainers