Group picture from TPM in September 2023

Project aim:

The Projekt “Committed“ increase the risk awareness to prevent losses, unlawful or abusive use of innovative knowledge of Europeans.
The participants’ objective is to disseminate the term of “deemed” export among small and medium-size enterprises as well to support them in exporting and to enhance the establishment of start-up companies.
New skills will be created: compliance critical thinking and due diligence in handling public security issues.

Objectives of „COMMITTED“:

  1. Sharing of ideas, information and knowledge
  2. having innovative nature and economic value in the EU
  3. higher protection of entities’ intellectual property rights in the European Union
  4. increased competitiveness
  5. better assertion of public security interests can be underscored


  • Colleges and universities of applied sciences are involved in a wide range of activities related to international business education.
  • International collaborations have always raised concerns because the participants in these activities coming from various jurisdictions also bring with certain security and legal risks.
  • Multinational companies have internal regulations, trainings and processes to ensure compliance with export control rules.
  • The universities and their SME partners are therefore subject to the rules of deemed export.

Members of the COMMITTED consortium found that many European universities and partner SMEs involved in international business education lack such internal regulations, trainings and processes.
Critical information can be split into three categories:

  • data, processes etc. relating to military products, which are perman-ently and strictly controlled by the authorities.
  • software, patents, patterns, or source codes as the result of joint research and development projects, which are protected by intellectual property rights of universities and industry.
  • data, information gained in application of science relating to dual use items are worth of mention.

COMMITTED Flyer (English)

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