About College of Economics and Computer Science

Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Informatyki (WSEI, eng. College of Economics and Computer Science) or was founded in 2000 in Cracow. The WSEI’s campus is located at the center of the historic Old Town.

WSEI provides a deeply practice-oriented education focusing on continuous development. It is an institution of higher education created by passionate individuals for passionate individuals for whom higher education is a quest for professional excellence and a fulfilment in life.

WSEI currently offers bachelor-level programs in Applied Computer Science, Business Administration and Finance and Accounting. Students can choose multiple industry-sought specializations and expert modules within and among the degree programs. They may include web and application programming, game development, BI and data science, digital marketing, design thinking and many others.

WSEI has always been strongly connected with the industry and business, with an active Board  of Industry Advisors and multiple partnerships with successful companies, business leaders as well as industry and professional organizations. This long-lasting commitment to supplying high quality professionals to local and international companies has resulted in WSEI’s recognition among businesses as an excellent practice-oriented institution of higher education.

WSEI is down to earth in its commitment to equip our students with the appropriate skills and the right mindset, and yet it believes that the educational process should be overflowing with fun, independence, excitement and creativity.

Key staff for the project:

Przemyslaw Stach, Ph.D.
He holds a Ph.D. in Economics in the field of Management Science (Cracow University of Economics), and an M.A. in American Studies (American Studies Center, University of Warsaw). An academician with over 20 years of experience in teaching and scholarly research. Worked for many institutions of higher education institutions in Poland and abroad. Lectured in Germany, Denmark, and the UAE. His current teaching responsibilities include mainly Principles of Management, Strategic Planning in Digital Marketing, Marketing Research, Change Management, and Performance Management. Outside academia, he has been an active management consultant with Factor Consulting, where he specializes in the field of change and performance management, sales and marketing organization, decision support, and market research. He has carried out projects in IT, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, HoReCa, R&D, and automotive industries.

Ryszard Ćwiertniak, Ph.D. Eng.
He holds a Ph.D. Social Sciences in the field of Management and Quality Sciences, and an engineering degree in Electronics. He is an Agile Design Methods and  Design Thinking expert. He fully draws on design thinking in his training sessions for businesses, public administration, education, and the non-governmental sector. He has conducted several dozen workshops in the field of training planning, operational planning, and crisis response. He is involved in supporting organizations in their search for improvement. He currently conducts training courses for companies preparing teams to implement the Design Thinking methodology in the area of advanced production systems - Industry 4.0.

Barbara Wachulka-Kościuszko, M.A.
She has a B.A. degree in English Philology and an M.A. in  Human Resource Management and Practical Psychology of Management and Negotiations. She is a soft skill trainer, recruiter, and educator with 14 years of experience. She worked as a corporate training coordinator and recruiter for medium and large enterprises. She authored many training programs. Currently, he works as a freelance trainer with training companies and corporations. Her current teaching responsibilities include mainly Human Resources Management. At WSEI, she also serves as an HR Generalist and an international projects coordinator.