Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

Herr Prof. Dr. Wagner

Herr Prof. Dr. Wagner

Negotiation Skills

Herr Fahlbusch

Negotiation Skills (Mr. Fahlbusch)

Operations Strategy in the Digital Age

Herr Dr. Kaplaner

Video Kurs Herr Dr. Kaplaner

Decision Theory and Practice

Herr Prof. Dr. Steinmetz

Kursvideo Herr Prof. Dr. Steinmetz

International Financial Reporting

Herr Prof. Dr. Baltzer

Herr Prof. Dr. Baltzer

Management of International Supply Chains

Herr Prof. Dr. Kille

Herr Prof. Dr. Kille

Language Competence Mandarin

Frau Wen

Kursvideo Mandarin

Discussion between Jérôme Dumetz and Bjoern Baltzer

Part 1 about intercultural research in times of Covid-19

Interview Part 1

Part 2 about MBA lecture Cross Cultural Management

Interview Part 2